This is a joke.

Well, actually, not really.

Thanks to the ever growing amount of work i get from parsons, i’ve neglected my blog and what would you know, it’s suddenly infected. I swear this is beyond fucking annoying to me.

Meanwhile I try to novicely do something about it – or maybe nothing at all cause the name applesauced is pissing me off after all this – i will be posting here.

It’s oct 15, 2.15am.

I shouldnt be awake but i am.

I just want to recollect my thoughts. It’s easy to lose yourself when you’re so busy. Sometimes, I stop and stare off into space.

That’s how bad the workload can be.


I came back to my blog to clean it and post up a long ass rant but i guess that’s fucking over.


I’m just really angry with this blog thing.


Week of Jane I

It’s been such a long time since Jane and I spent this much time together!

The past few days have been awesome: food, dessert, food, walking around parks, washington square, granola, trader joe’s, talking about cempaka… :)

It’s been an awesome spring time!

New York just such a photogenic place, don’t you agree?



Ah, having Jane here is so nice. I haven’t spoken to her in awhile but all’s still the same between us. She says she’s impressed I haven’t changed from any peer pressure to smoke, drink etc but neither has she!

Ah, it’s been a great few days.

I just realized there’s a big bunch of us who took art majors. It’s funny, huh, where life takes you? I’m not sure what spurred me to Raffles but I don’t regret it. I do think about whether I’d be better doing something else but once I ask myself if I would ever feel happy about doing it for the rest of my life, the answer is a pure and simple no.

The only thing I can tell people about pursuing art majors or just routes in life that nobody takes is to just do it. You never know until you do.

I guess it’s moot to tell anyone this but it’s just so important to believe in yourself too. I don’t know how many people have put me down either directly or other wise but just be proud of what you do. Put some effort into it and things just naturally work out.

Aih, I’m getting so sappy.

Jane is pleasantly sleeping on my bed right now while I’m typing this shit on my computer when I really should do my work. (Chillax, it’s just reading ok)

On another note, it’s been a long time since I’ve developed a crush on somebody. I don’t really care whether it’s reciprocated or not but it’s nice to have something to look forward to in the morning :)

Pictures of our escapades will be uploaded soon!