It’s time for a little Perseverance

Ola, everybody! It’s July 2nd meaning I am officially 2 and a half months away from leaving home. Sexcited? Oh yes, need you ask?

Amidst the visa papers and all that annoying (but very vital) paperwork flying about, I finally got my acceptance packet.


I had this stupid urge to smell the package (to get a whiff of New York) but all I got was a whiff of something like cement plaster. Oh well. :/ I was sent the darling official acceptance letter I’m still finding hard to believe, a booklet, some instructions to pay my uni deposit and some other itsy bitsy stuff.

The only confirmation I really got of my place in Parsons was my email but this package really hits me on the head; it’s real, idiot, stop dreaming and start cracking on all these things you need to get ready for the next 9 months!


Alright, signing out.


(Btw, might I say that I TOTALLY LOVE the Wasting Light album?! Yes, of course I can. Cause they’re awesome. PEACE.)


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