And here we are!

And who told me New York has no clouds?

Anyway, HELLO from New York city! Our room is significantly small, the weather matches that of Malaysia sans the humidity, you’re thirsty all the time, everybody wears raybans and shopping is king!

Oh yes, shopping.

Zara is selling their pants in the sale section starting from $9.99. That’s 30 ringgit. WTF??

H&M tees for $7.99. That’s 24 bucks. WTF??

I have confirmed OPI here costs about $9.50. That’s less than 30 bucks. WTF??

Steve Madden has a buy one and get another pair of shoes at 90% off deal. WTF??


This is not fair.

FYI, I’m currently staying with my parents in the Chelsea area, W 25th Street. We arrived at JFK about 7.40am and were stuck in the airport for almost 2 hours. Lemme tell you; lining up at immigration here will either drive you insane or teach you a damn lot of patience. The news of Abercrombie & Fitch wanting to pay the Jersey Shore cast to NOT wear their clothing humored me alot at least. I mean… it’s really quite funny dontcha think? Even the newscaster was grinning while he read from the teleprompter.

Anyway, after all the shebang- we got a cab, reached our hotel and freshened up then decided to be heroes and walk from 25th to 44th Street (Times Square). It wasn’t too far.

But since we touched down just that morning, we died. X)

Also, I have never felt so thirsty in my life. It wasn’t like I didnt have a bottle of water with me but soon after I finish one, I’m already thirsty for another! Insane! These guys operating these small refreshment stands must be earning shitloads of money! :/ I guess your flask present is gonna come in handy more than you know lol

More walking and soaking up the place tomorrow. I’ll be visiting one of Parsons’ buildings to ‘sign in’ (as an intl student) and hopefully get to walk about SoHo and enter Alexander Wang’s beautiful shop.

Oh, and we’ll be catching a MUSICAL. :) Friday would be moving-into-my-dorm-and-meeting-my-cool-roommate-time.




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