Alright Stop- Collaborate and listen

I LOVE ZAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These 3 pics basically sum up New York: the buildings, the life, the street.

Oh wait make that 4; The FOOD. I hafta say pan mee is in my heart but Aldea was too good not to share (not that they are anywhere similar, since this is a 1 michelin star place but…. you get my drift).

(Some egg appetizer. Basically you be real schmancy and take the little wooden spoon and scoop out the egg and crabmeat inside)

Yeah, i know NY street food is supposed to be one of the best but… I dunno. I have this feeling that they’ll bite my head off cause I don’t know what I want.

Paranoia to the extreme.

Anyway, I have a full day of stuff today, starting with buying more containers so… till next time!



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