Enough Space

If you’re awesome, you’d get my foo fighters inspired titles. Just sayin. :)

So actually there are events every night but being the quintessential pms-ed female that I am, I have become pretty anti-social and snarly as of late. So…. I went out with my parents again.

No no, no more michelin star places (takde wang lagi HAHA see i still remember my melayu). Anyway, my parents had went to Edo on East 17th for lunch before and became friends with one of the waitresses working there.

**Awesome fact: A few shops away is a place called Laut – a claimed Thai-Malaysian cuisine restaurant. I’m not sure how authentic it is to Malaysia but I believe I saw laksa on the list. We did want to go try it but it was full. So… that should mean our food is good enough for New Yorkers?**

As with most mat salleh countries the servings are ginormous. I ordered a Deluxe Combo Roll (prawn tempura, crunch sal and eel) which came with a big bowl of miso. Parents had a crunchy Crab roll + sashimi + fried rice.

I guess I’m biased to say I enjoyed it alot. I AM craving for Asian food right now (or maybe just for chilli… or msia’s extra ajinomoto concoctions). :/ Tbh though I don’t particularly find it anymore special than the good japanese shops back home.

Like Laut, Edo was really full. But we suspected a part of the crowd came in cause the Sapporo beer was half price tonight ($2.50 a pop).

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say for now. OH RIGHT>


I was on the fifth floor of one of the Parsons buildings and at first the projector screen started shaking. Everybody thought it was some weirdo playing a prank on the advisors but a few seconds after that I felt the floor move to and fro.

Scary shit. Real legit scary shit. We had to evacuate the building and everything.

Hm I guess that’s New York for you. Always exciting.

Sleep time now, grocery shopping later.




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