Times Like These


Here I am, innocent little me, coming to start uni in the city and what do I get in return?

An earthquake tremor, hurricane irene and packing too light.



My first class at Parsons! We had this (first time ever) Experience + Meaning Tour where we had to venture to 3 different parks near our campus to and basically write an essay about it.

(Or something to that effect. Whatever it is, I have to admit it’s a little drab.)

Anyway, after all that, we had to report ourselves to a classroom where one of the attending Professors will discuss about our walks with us! Professor Mark Statham (a published poet who lectures at Lang) was in charge of class and he was well… pretty much cool.

I mean have YOU ever met a poet who was strict and tight lipped?

Have YOU ever even met a real poet?

Yeah, as you can tell I found him very cool. Laid back, easy breezy poet who made the one and a half hours pretty darn interesting. Basically he made us understand that we should never go through our experiences without getting the meaning. It’s a little confusing now that I’m typing it out but I hope you get my drift. I really had a fun time though. You see, I thought that because of the fact that I come from a little place in Southeast Asia which is a basically million miles away, I’d be kinda lost with what they might talk about but it felt like I was the one contributing the most.

Stuff like “Who is Hesiod?” (actually remembered that from my History book), “What’s the longest avenue that goes from bottom to top of manhattan?” (i got that from studying the nyc map), “James Madison was the number _ president?” (from a chick lit believe it or not), “why were the roads so important between new york and boston during the olden days?” (sejarah book).


Looks like I’m not that far off after all! And I can’t believe I remembered all that from my history books. Go brain go.

After that berbangga class, I took my stuff from my dorm and went to GRAND CENTRAL STATION to catch a train to connecticut.

Haha. Damn, syok sendiri just typing that sentence out. Fool. Haha.

Well, tbh I was pretty lost! I basically asked the guy at the ticket counter to sell me the earliest ticket to Fairfield, asked him again which track it was and went into one random train (which was luckily the right one).

When I reached, my parents and their good friend Auntie Kim and her entire family picked me up!

(Spoiler: these people are the sweetest bunch)

They treated us to dinner at their home which on the outside didn’t look very big but in reality was HUGE. You know what they treated us to for dinner?

Fresh, live lobsters. 10 of them. Which they bought for approx. rm200!

Super wtf.

And she didn’t even do much to prepare the lobsters! Basically just cook them in boiling water with a lil seasoning and VOILA! Maine style Lobster!

I’ve never had a chance to eat a whole lobster (cause it’s like gold back home) so I had to have some lobster eating classes from Auntie Kim’s husband, Uncle Victor. (For some reason I can’t imagine calling him uncle but for understanding’s sake, i will).

It was fun! and super filling too.

All in all I’m pretty sure that whatever weight I lost walking around downtown was gained back in this one meal.

Will write about the tumultuous weekend soon!



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