Pinch Me


I’ve never seen aftermath areas before so when we went to Milford, Connecticut to help out a friend, it was quite a big  eye opener for me.


Mind you, that’s a STREET. Isn’t it crazy?

Exterior piece of a house :/ Finally, the uncle’s house: before / after.

The house on the right btw. If you realize, the tar road and his porch is completely covered under God knows how many inches of sand. His plants were flattened, his garage destroyed and his backyard half under water.


Despite it all though, Milford beach is so beautiful. There’s something about the american suburbs/living/places that are so… picturesque? (That or i’m taking really good pictures… but i doubt that. I have ALOT to learn about photos)
Oh, you know what really stood out from that day? The sense of community. It’s not to say back home nobody ever did that, it’s just that the sense of everybody going through the aftermath and dealing with it together was prevalent in the air. It was sad, peaceful and… well, I don’t know… supportive?
It’s hard to describe but I hope you got it the bittersweet vibes from the pictures. Here are some of my real good shots:
(someone threw the ball of duct tape into the air LOL)
(credits to ryan for finding this!)

More soon!
Update: been having TONS of homework thrown at our faces. It’s crazy! I’ll try to update soon w my pictures but basically I’m going to be even slower than I am now at updating :( I’ll try and be real gung ho and write another one tonight.

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