Stranger Things Have Happened

MONDAY (29/9)

Our last day in Connecticut due to the awesome/sad fact that my first day of class got cancelled.

While Kelly, Justin and Ryan went for the US Open (and met the BRYAN BROTHERS DAMN), we ran around Connecticut doing really random things.

There was a Juicy outlet here that sold a pretty nice coat for $79.99 from $358 wtf. But this shop refuses to be open for me to buy it. Owh well.

Anyway, I’m going to really honestly miss the people here. I mean, you’d think that 3-4 days is not enough for someone to really click but we all kinda did. It was such a great time and it became sort of my major long awaited holiday.

And Fairfield Connecticut is beautiful. The sky graced us with a really lovely sunset.

Lemme tell you that this picture does not do justice. The sky was blue fading into pink and purple. For some reason my camera couldn’t catch it.

For our last dinner together, we went to a place called Barcelona on North Main Road. We ordered this special set of tapas for big groups and I ate my first slice of beef (at east my first intentional slice of beef). Food was GOOD.

I’m going to miss all the barbecues, cookies, bananas, soya sauce with chili padi, rice cakes, stew leonard’s, outlet walking, chocolates, blaming Stephanie for everything and anything, trying to pick the right one cause there’s a lot of pretty girls in this city, the house in the middle of the street and our laughing moments about pants on the floor.

Haha. Sometimes having no electricity is kinda fun.


I miss you already mum and dad.




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