Ready To Start


I have just finished my first week of Parsons U and as most of you know I’m actually doing foundation right now (yes, i am actually kinda overqualified i.e. I’m pretty sure I can give the sophomores a run for their money in fashion school with Puan Aisha’s knowledge). Nevertheless, I guess I should be thankful I’m here in the first place.

I just never appreciated art classes… which is basically what foundation is.

But then I have super exciting news!

I’m not sure exactly how I got the email (probably because they still list me as a transfer rather than a foundation student or smth I dunno) but I’ll be interning for MILK studios during New York Fashion Week!

Isn’t that sexciting?!

And it’s next weekend! Super sexcited?!

I’ll keep the other BIG JUICY SECRETS until after I’ve done my shift but basically I get stuff, get to work at a secret location and all that shizz. I can’t WAIT.

I guess it’s a really big difference when you go to schools with recognition/big center-of-the-universe places like New York. Doors fly open. Like for example on weds, Parsons is going to have an internship fair for winter/ summer internships and a few of the participating companies are Michael Kors, Donna Karan, DVF, Ralph Lauren, Dior Couture (only managerial positions) etc.

I should go ahead and try out for it but… I don’t know. None of the brands really interest me. Yeah yeah, beggars can’t be choosers but I just feel like if I’m not faking interest in the brand I’d perform wayyy better you know? Whatever it is, I guess i’ll just be sending in my CV. Never know what may happen.

I should go back to doing my bloody art class/ MESOPOTAMIA (oh yes all that ziggurat shit again) art history reading. Ugh.

Anyway, yesterday Manon and I went to visit her brother at Ave A. He has a really nice apartment but it got kind of weird for me cause everybody who came were French :/ but it was cool. They were really nice. :) Then came the French drinking games.


No la, it was pretty straightforward. Nothing scandalous happened, i assure you (though what happened after we left, i don’t know.)

That’s pretty much what happened the past few days. FNO AND NEW YORK FASHION WEEK STARTS THIS WEDNESDAY! HOLLA!!!!!!


xxx S


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