FNO Soho New York City

(Cause no song can do this day justice)

So what happened to my planned Uniqlo Highline party? Didn’t go :/ I was on 2nd avenue and Chelsea is at 10th i.e. we were on opposite sides of the city. When you think about it, 2-10 isn’t that bad but New York has this thing of adding in another block in between the streets so it’s MORE than you program your brain to get ready for.

Anyway, I walked from 15th street to -4th street (as in the streets aren’t numbered anymore but named) so wtf am i complaining. It was impossible to get a taxi there and even if you did, you’d be stuck in this horrendous jam cause there were just too many people on the sidewalk and they were spilling onto the roads.

Yes, that’s FNO New York for you.

So the main point of FNO is to encourage people to shop but since the only things I can afford at the moment is basic stuff like american apparel etc, I decided to take this chance and try to meet as many designers as possible. I had initially planned to go to Kirna Zabete (96, Greene St) which sells stuff from various designers because Joseph Altuzarra is hot and I wanted a picture with him :(


Sorry, girlish tendencies. But I believe that was one of the places with the most designers: Altuzarra, Prabal Gurung, Thakoon, Peter Som and the ever famous Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler.

Anyway, the point was… I planned to but I just couldn’t find the damn store. :(

So one of my classmates, Aram, her housemates and I lined up to get into Alexander Wang’s showroom. He had this mini talent competition which according to the news online was supposed to be judged by him but he had backup in the form of very beautiful girls:

Seriously. Abbey Lee Kershaw. :( It was like dreaming that she came alive from the pictures of the runway book. :(

And of course, my hero. Or…. my second hero? He is ONE of my favorite designers but I think Riccardo Tisci is THE one for me. Alber Elbaz is slowly getting a little tiresome :/ (When Tisci comes back for a holiday, get a pic w him Sookayee)

And last but not least:

Ryan Murphy, Lea Michele and Anna Wintour :)

When Wang announced Anna would come out for the second judging panel, I nearly fainted. WTF?? Cause the last time I heard, she was in Bergdorf’s/Barney’s signing Vogue September issues. When I saw her signature hair, I am VERY sorry and embarrassed to tell you that I squealed. :/  Idiot.

She was power walking. And y’know when they sat on the chairs in the middle of the crowd, she put on her sunglasses. Sunglasses. Bizarre but so typical of her. Nevermind if it’s the night, it’s Anna Wintour for fuck’s sake. You should see the bodyguards trailing 3 of them.

At the end of it, this chinese guy called Jonathan won first place and got Alex T brand shirts and $2000 :O Just for dancing. All of the finalists get INVITES TO ALEX WANG’S CRAZY AFTER PARTY ON SATURDAY WTF.


Oh well. At least I have my picture.

So, as you can see. Superb FNO and this was only in one store! Justin Bieber and Bryanboy were at D&G and I wanted to go (cause of BryanBoy obviously) but the store was far away from where I was and I wasnt even sure if it was in SoHo. Heard from my classmates today that Nicki Minaj was in midtown and people were running after her car. Mad cows.

So that’s pretty much it :) My first ever Fno. I guess FNOnyc is always going to be good cause everybody will be in nyc for nyfw. Sneaky vogue.

Great night and hopefully more to come!



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