Get Over It


Hello lovely random people of the world.

I’ve had a tumultuous start to Parsons but I just got back my first assignment to be handed in and…… *drumroll* I got As! Wooh! Okay so it is a part of one big project but still it counted for something! Anyway….

So what have I been doing so far….


1. I interned for Milk Studios.

2. I saw Michelle Trachtenberg leaving the Milk building with a new Mulberry bag.

3. I met Alexander Wang again.

4. I went to the venue of his party to set up (yeah wtf but my personal invitation will come in a few years hopefully) and saw his frat house.

5. I opened doors for random rich people going into Milk.

6. I met some Parsons seniors and got some much needed info about work and all that jazz.

(filling up the cards / passes)

Yeah, so… Milk studio intern was actually… one big fat EXPERIENCE. Can you imagine walking in the same building Bryanboy, Rumi of FashionToast, Madonna, Anna Wintour venture to????????? (Yeah, someone saw Madonna!) I sorta knew the job wouldn’t necessarily mean time with the designers and their clothes but it was awesome nonetheless.

I got a free Milk Made fashion week t-shirt, True Religion jeans that were $250 a pair and Aldo sneakers (which sadly weren’t so comfortable) so I guess I’ll just count myself lucky. *thumbs up*

Spent half the day at Milk polishing the windows and arranging the WWD mags before we crammed ourselves into one huge VIP car and got ourselves to Pier 40. That was when I lifted small little sandbags that weighed like a TON. Seriously, sand bags are freaking misleading. :/

Sorry the pictures are crappy but I didn’t want to look like such a weirdo :(

How have classes been you ask? Not too shabby I’d say. As per usual, our ratio of girls to guys was pretty saddening but our class evens out nicely. There’s everybody from everywhere :)

Yes, I drew this by hand, ruler and sharpie :(

Anyway, I better go sleep. :/ If I don’t sleep at 12/12.30 or something I get incredibly tired (not to mention my face will look even more shitty). Sucks to have morning class EVERY day. Rocks to have empty afternoons.

So I shall go now and…. perhaps watch a rerun of Big Bang Theory. I LOVE that show. I LOVE SHELDON and RAJ. Haha.

Toodles, good night and p.s. I’ve got one more teeny tiny event this thursday ;)








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