A Breather

So today- despite all the homework- Manon and I went to this kitchen block party in Chelsea. (When I say block party it basically means they close off the entire street block for a fair of sorts). Ate my first Pad Thai noodles. Apparently pad thai is a staple of thai food here. I can’t think of anyone ordering that back in Asia, not when you have a thousand other more awesome thai dishes to choose from. Anyway, I’m digressing; the pad thai was good :)

I also unleashed my inner kid and designed my own pretty little cookie :)

I don’t know why but I thought about Little Britain when I saw this. Lol.

And then I went for a free tarot card reading! Haha! Sorry I couldn’t help it, it was free anyway. I did want to tip the lady but I didn’t have any small change so… :/ Anyway, I was a little apprehensive at first. I was so afraid she was going to tell me I was going to fail or something (yes, I am afraid of failure) and consequently give me a bad mindset but it ended up pretty okay! Phew.

Basically she started by asking me to think about what I wanted her to tell me about (life, work, future) and she treaded real close to my former intern job at Harper’s Bazaar :O  Then she told me I basically have to make myself a job and dream of what I want to achieve and just do it, it’ll pay off in a big way.

I’m not an particularly superstitious person but it was good to hear something positive when you’re all alone in a big ass city :)

Plus she told me I was going to some awesome parties. She got the card twice. Lol. I HOPE SO.

After all that, we went to Alexander Mcqueen. Cause we were curious. Well, no question; the clothes were spectacular. So beautiful and precise.


I wanted everything especially the men’s bomber jacket made from printed silk. I LOVE the print. There was also this beautiful coat with embellishments on the sleeve and lapel- it was SO pretty but just too heavy to actually be used. Shame. $13,000 a pop :/

That felt too much like a walk through a museum. Haha. But it was really cool seeing all this stuff up close. I’m not a particular McQueen groupie but you can’t deny everything in there were works of art, from the prints to the velvet dress.

Ah… one day, one day.



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