The Met

Lemme just say that I absolutely love the Metropolitan Museum. It’s the most beautiful place on earth to me. The place is absolutely majestic. And all the artifacts! You don’t need to love art or history to enjoy this place.

From Greek to Roman to Egyptian to Chinese to Japanese to Spanish…. and they even designed each area to fit the exhibitions!

Breathtaking. Really. If you come to New York and never step foot here, you haven’t seen anything.

Anyway, I got in for free this time round due to our class trip. We had a short class in the Met- and it was absolutely spectacular. Imagine reading about all these artifacts and then seeing them right in front of you!


I’m sorry about my lame excitement over history. It’s just so amazing! All those marble architectures in the Greek and Roman areas… plus the beautiful veranda it was set up in. Oh my God, I just didn’t want to leave. :(

I had some time after class to walk around so I basically ran to all the exhibitions I was interested in. I wanted to go see the paintings by Monet and this drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci but ah, time time time. The first time I saw Monet was in London and I love his waterlilies. He’s my favorite.

Ah… I’ll definitely be visiting the place again during my free time. Or I could live there. Damn.

Can you just imagine how majestic it is when they have the Met Gala? When all these beautiful rich people float up the stairs in their hundred thousand dollar gowns and diamonds?


Yes, you guessed. I want to camp there next year.



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