What’s on the Table?

This post is dedicated to ye old goode home cooked food.

* I’ve been going crazy over walnuts recently. I blame Pret a Manger‘s honey cider walnut yogurt pot :/ (btw i love pret don’t you?!)

First time I’ve ever cooked scrambled eggs. Mind you, I never touch or come close to a pan back home so cooking it based on what I remember seeing someone else do was… fun. Anyway, I think I needed a little more butter and spring onions/chives. Basically just mixed arugula with a little dressing, maple granola and WALNUTS over toasted bread with a little nutella. :)

Manon + friend cooked dinner for us one night, French style! Okay, not exactly French la but I don’t remember ever eating pasta with a raw egg on top.

Bacon, cream sauce, parmesan and a raw egg. GOOD.

One day I caved and finally tried the street hawker lamb over rice. I’ve been passing them for the past month now and the smell always gets me in a bunch. It’s basically briyani rice and OH SO GOOD. A little reminder of home.

Most of them are $5  and one serving is HUGE. 1.5 times what I eat so this is the remaining bits with my arugula.

Yes, I have developed an affection for arugula. Considering there’s not much vege around plus it’s more expensive than meat, I’m just throwing it in any of my food.

I’ve not yet cooked any chinese stuff, mainly because the ingredients are hard to find. I’ve been meaning to visit Chinatown in search of meehoon and etc but ugh… laziness wins all the time.

Soon soon!

Anyways, not much happened this week apart from our projects and stuff. I’ve come to enjoy class a lot- it’s teaching me to reach out to the city. I don’t know how to explain this but this foundation thing really challenges your perception and the way you see things. It’s strangely interesting.

I’m really enjoying my time here. Maybe foundation isn’t so bad after all.

And homework isn’t THAT much! Any idiot who is complaining about how they can’t finish is clearly wasting their time doing god knows what.

Stay tuned, there’s a lot happening next week :) One day holiday !



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