No Elephants

Good afternoon everybody! A warm handshake from me to you on this lovely hot saturday morning / afternoon! :)

I know I’ve been MIA for some time but lots of stuff happened during the week and coupled with work…. UGH.

Here’s my list of random things I want to talk about:

1. I love iTunes. I’ve been finding all these lovely songs! Please do your ears a favor and listen to Second chance by Peter Bjorn and John! Same for Mayer Hawthorne; listen to his songs: The Walk and No Strings.

2. Went to the Parson’s Tommy Hilfiger talk. It wasn’t a really big deal (not like he gave us free stuff or smth). Basically he just came in to talk about his career, how he started etc. He’s a really good speaker, not to mention very warm. Company sales is approx 5 billion and growing. Well, ONE DAY…

3. Lately for classes we’ve been going through many art galleries in Chelsea. I had the notion we had to pay a fee to see these artworks but alas, NO YOU DONT ITS FREE! I even managed to see real Andy Warhol classics! (More on this in another post)

4. I got myself a Valentino sweater for $34. smiley face x 98645320.

5. My work is displayed in the glass case on the 9th floor of 2 West 13th! Best work for the project out of the whole foundation group :)

6. I love how a lot of our lecturers are REAL artists. I especially like my Critical reading and writing lecturer, Heather Rowe. I guess you could say artsy people think different but it’s just the way we gel with each other in class and what she shows us that really makes it so great. Definitely hope to take CRW 2 with her.

7. Went to Connecticut last weekend. Although I had to rush for my homework, it was some much needed RnR and TV. They brought me to a sushi buffet and it was SO GOOD! My stomach stretched to the max that night.

Kays, more soon I pwomise. Off to do some research for art history.

See ya!



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