How to be a New Yorker

So it’s been about 2 and a half months here in New York of the US of A and I think I am qualified to answer this question for you.

(Even if I’m not, this is gonna be fun.)

(Before we start, lemme say that this is purely based on my observations. And we all know how much I like looking at other people)

10 Ways to look like a New Yorker

1. Unless you’re going to an event of some importance/formality, NOBODY wears heels. Trust me when I say wearing a 4” + pair for a mere 20 minute normal pace walk can kill you. (the 4” + heel wasn’t the reason okay, you all know I have worst shoes)

2. Be fashionable. No slouchy, ‘I’m lazy’ excuse. When you’re out of the house, you always look good, composed, in order.

3. Sunny? Raybans and Raybans alone. Want to take a step further and be quintessential? Only black wayfarers for you then.

4. Earphones: Beats by Dr. Dre. If you don’t want to spend that kind of dough, Apple ones are enough. If you  don’t have those either… just make sure your earphones are white.

5. What did you say? Blueberry? One word: IPHONE.

6. You always have an umbrella ready. Preferably a nondescript black one.

7. Girls: Branded bags, and it doesn’t have to be a thousand dollars thanks to the myriad of outlet stores around the city (to think they even sell Valentino gowns…) – definitely a more asian thing to do would be to have a luxury brand one: Givenchy nightingale & pandora is high on the list but the most common is the Balenciaga motorcycle in every size and color. A more caucasian choice: Proenza Schouler PS 1. Guys: nice shoes/boots. Think Timberland, Nikes, Doc Martens.

8. You never look lost i.e. you always have a place to go, always know where you’re going and you never sweat.

9. Coffee in your hand in the morning, of course. Preferably Starbucks.

10. Wear that sense of humor and good will. There’s nothing better than some random stranger talking to you about the randomest thing you’re doing/eating/holding/wearing/making.

Have fun!

*ps: a mini update: gonna dress up in a real simple get up for HALLOWEEN. And tomorrow: Daphne Guinness and UNIQLO jeans for 9.90! CANT WAIT!


2 thoughts on “How to be a New Yorker

  1. Have been lusting for the PS 1 for ages and still nowhere near getting it :( so expensive can daiiiii. Oh and DAPHNE GUINNESS UNIQLO WHAT WHAT

    • There’s a Daphne Guinness exhibit in the FIT Gallery happening till Jan 2012 that I really wanna go but there’s always something that comes up!
      And Uniqlo – they opened 3 new stores in NYC. The one in Midtown is the LARGEST IN THE WORLD wtf and they had special opening promotions for their stuff!
      :) I want the PS1 too! Actually i want a lot of things. NYC is bad that way haha

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