Like Grey’s Anatomy

Hi, yes, I know you hate me cause I’m so irregular with my blogging now.

Well, yesterday was… not so fun…

Okay, basically what happened to me on a fine Sunday morning was that I had a near syncope (near fainting) in the bathroom. I managed to get out of the shower and everything to run back to my room then fall to the ground in front of my roommate.

Laid there a while and just quickly laid my bed with towels (since i was still kinda wet and in a towel) before i collapsed again.


Was contemplating whether to go to the hospital or something so to cut a long story short, we called an ambulance.

Yeah, New york ambulance. wtf…….

We were in the emergency ward for almost 5 hours – not because I was in such a bad state (tbh I was getting better by myself other than the cramps) but the resident had a lot of patients to attend to.

So basically what was my diagnosis?

Was probably losing too much blood cause it was that time of the month for me. And an abnormal one at that. That along with the hot air from the shower probably got to my head.

I got prescribed ibuprofen (a kind of pain killer) :/

And I was suggested to go on birth control pills to regulate my period.

Yeah, sorry if you’re a guy and reading this shit. Information for you when you have a daughter ok.

I’ve always had bat shit crazy periods. One of the EMTs was like “if you’re anaemic why aren’t you taking iron pills?” Cause BITCH my haemoglobin levels were going up by itself the last time I checked.

Good news was that the resident told me my haemoglobin was NORMAL.It has always been kinda low so… small yay.

Speaking of residents, it was kinda cool looking at a US hospital. I could list so many serials based in them. One of the EMTs had that quintessential rowdy american tone and then there were some really fussy nurses, handsome blond doctors, smart looking residents…. oh yeah, pretty cool.

I’d really like to blog about halloween and chinatown but ah… if time allows it.




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