And it’s that close to 2012!

Hello lovely people!

So… it’s 4 days away from THANKSGIVING BREAK and tbh I don’t know the true of meaning of thanksgiving sure but I am sure THANKFUL for it. The past month or so have been just such hard work, it’s crazy. So crazy in fact that I didn’t even feel all the weeks passing by.

A lot of online sites and stuff like to say that Parsons Foundation gives a lot of homework, like way too much to handle. That is not true. You can handle it, given that you work on something everyday. Even the weekend. You can’t go a day without finishing something.

Anyway this morning was a completely frustrating experience. I don’t know how other universities do it but in PARSONS, they basically divided the entire foundation course “randomly” to either register at 7.30am or 8am which -obviously- is UNFAIR!

I mean, CMON. How are the 8 o’clock wave going to get any of the good lecturers?! (This is based on the rating on the funny but useful

Yes, I am one of the unlucky 8 o’clock wave. I only take this lying down because I’m hoping next time I get to be the earlier batch.

I really wanted to kill myself after it. I didn’t get into 3/4 main classes that I wanted to take so I had to switch not only the time and lecturer, I had to even change the fucking SUBJECT! WTF.

Intended Classes:

  1. 2D: Narrative
  2. Drawing 2: Ideation and Imagination
  3. 3D: Body as Form
  4. Lab: City Cultures

My classes are now:

  1. 2D: Narrative
  2. Drawing 2: Perception
  3. 3D: Body and Place
  4. Lab: Words and Works

Bright side? I got one of the best drawing profs in Parsons for my perception class (which is my 2nd choice anyway). His name is Mark Saltz and I cannot wait for his class! I also had to get a the 3D class under this unknown person but thanks to Google, I’ve found out who Ward Shelley is and he is so ACCOMPLISHED!

Take a look:   Ward Shelley   |      Mark Saltz

I mean… he HAS to be good. (Also hard but I’d rather that than lousy and uninspiring)

Also, I managed to get into Words and Works with Candace and Jon. :) FRIENDS IS GOOD. So now Manon and I have completely different classes (same time tho) but we do meet for Art History 2 and 2D.

I guess the unlucky can’t be choosers. I am just thanking God for Perception with Mark Saltz. It was like a sign from heaven to take perception instead of ideation. OKAY THEN.

So my schedule for Spring:

It really amazing to learn from such people. They aren’t just our professors, they’re professionals in their field. They’re real artists. They have shows at galleries. They have something very quirky about their way of thinking. They just inspire ideas.

Ah…. say all you want about Parsons foundation; a waste of time, money, etc but I’ve learned so much here than I ever have anywhere else. And my class has been so great. Ugh I’m getting bittersweet….

But really. America is a great place. Parsons is a great art school. They make you think outside what you’re used to. They want you to explore not only New York the city but yourself. They want you to interact with everything.

I just don’t see this learning experience happening anywhere else but New York city. Go New York.

Go Parsons.


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