A Holiday Mood Shopping Haul

* Before I show  you all the pictures of the stuff I bought in the past… 2 1/2 months, Thanksgiving week didn’t start out the way I envisioned it would. For one, I have a ear infection thats not being cured by the antibiotics and it’s worrying me. Hopefully it sorts itself out by tomorrow.

Like I said, these were just a few things I’ve accumulated during my stay here. :)

JUST Arrived: My Mom Approved Outnet buy! Thanks Mom!!!!!

Versace x H&M Haul:

Versace for H&M men’s print tee with 100% print silk scarf. Believe it or not, this is for me. IT IS GORGEOUS.

VHM Mens shirt with metal collar tips: Black for my brother and blue for me- at least, that was the plan. Their small is still pretty large so perhaps it’ll become a Xmas present.

VHM dress – the only thing I bought from the ladies section, apart from the scarf. For my mom. :)


Zara lace tee – I saw it, touched it, and knew it was destined to be. A trip to the fitting room proved me right.

Alexander Wang knit sweater, Topshop crown headband.

This Wang sweater is the most beautiful thing in the world. The knots are big, soft and literally begs to be hugged. This is by far the best thing I’ve bought online. I can’t wait to wear it out!

Uniqlo Peacoat, Versace x H&M Mens cashmere+wool scarf.

The scarf is ridiculously soft. Kudos Versace for making such a great mens collection thats not only affordable but has quality.

Uniqlo pea coat & cashmere v-neck sweaters. A past buy, back when the Uniqlo 53rd NY store first opened and had a promotion.

Zara loose knit sweater. A past buy- that kind of comfortable but nice looking sweater you throw on when you’re feeling lazy. And boy oh boy does this keep you warm.

I feel like a Magpie when I step into Zara right now; everything’s just so shiny and sparkly!

Well, that’s it for now :) Black Friday is this coming Friday and I just saw Zara will have selected things at 50% off! Also Uniqlo’s sweaters etc are on sale again! TEMPTATIONSSSZZZZZ.

Hope you guys have a great hol and happy thanksgiving! ;)



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