Making sense of it all…

I’ve been wanting to buy some Wayfarers but a Google plus advertiser on the street solved my problem :)

Officially onto my last week of Parsons and… there’s so much to do!

I’ve got some really good ideas for posts that I’d love to write soon so stay tuned :) It’s esp great for people who want to come to visit New York in the summer.

Anyway, Lab and Crit Writing class is over and done with. I am so happy with Lab especially! We had to create a ‘map’ that sends another group somewhere else to have an experience so we made a spa kit and sent them to Roosevelt island!

** If you are coming to NYC and you’ve seen it all already, take some time to chill out at Roosevelt island. It’s between Manhattan and Brooklyn, about 15-20 mins from Union Square via L then F train.

The place is beautiful, quiet and has a really great view of New York city. It was our group’s way of allowing people to be out of the city but still be included in a sense :) We gave them a play list, chocolate covered espresso beans and tea. Feedback was good!

Okay, I’ve gotta end my post here. Talk to you on Weds!

***Oh yeah, I really wanna try Daphne Guinness’s MAC collection but boo hoo it comes out on Dec 26 which is when I’m leaving :/ Nice.

Let’s hope they have a store at JFK?



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