And here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, let me just scream at the top of my lungs…

FRREEEEEEEDDDOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (almost)

*insert birds singing, plump choir ladies singing, flowers blooming, the sun rising, tiger roaring, a bear and a boy singing songs in a jungle, horses galloping, a lion being held atop a rock by a baboon*

*Insert My Poor Brain by Foo Fighters on HIGH*

Okay. I have a feeling I might be high on Redbull. Skipped my 3d class cause I had trouble on my model that I don’t want to get scolded for and… I wanted to study for Art History.


Fuck, I’m so happy and I’m not even done with class yet! It’s just that I appreciate how our finals consist of more final projects than exam papers. I have to admit it’s lighter on my nerves.

Plus my inbox has been filled with emails of all these gorgeous samples sales happening! DVF is up to 75% off and also HELMUT LANG + THEYSKEN’S THEORY!

I wannnttttttt so baddddddd!!!!!

Ah, after this ill gung ho on 2d, 3d and be done with it all!!!!

(Omg I’m so fucking high aren’t I. Trust American Redbull to do this to me)



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