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So Manon my french room mate left yesterday night and on tuesday we decided to try this restaurant on Stanton street that some blog reported Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds went to.

Stanton Social : 99 Stanton Street New York, NY 10002-1405  – (212) 995 0099


Stanton Social serves tapas like food- where they want you to have more variation and smaller dishes. Note if anyone comes here to book a table. I called in for a table for 7pm on a tuesday and got 9pm instead wtf.

Anyway, here’s what we ordered:

1. Free starter: Pumpkin paste on bread. Thumbs up.

2. Spicy Thai Baby Back Ribs (no pic) – most usual of all. Sauce was overpowering.

3. French onion dumpling – sounds weird but OHMAIGOD it’s so good. I swear. Famous stanton social dish.

4. Goat cheese Potato (no pic :( ) – sounds weird too but OHMAIGOD this is my favorite! Manon knows I don’t particularly like goat cheese but this is a real surprise. I could eat it all day, everyday.

5. Grilled cajun jumbo shrimp – doesn’t sound weird and tastes fantastic. (But then grilled shrimp normally does.)

6. Toffee cake and syrup with Bailey’s  ice cream – I absolutely love this. The Bailey’s ice cream with toffee syrup is SO good. Damn.

7. Pumpkin sundae – The pumpkin cream was beyond. But the crunch at the bottom was a little strong for me. Preferred the toffee cake!

If you’re in New York and don’t have dough for michelin star restaurants, get your ass here.

Terrific way to cap the end of the term! :)



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