Here’s to something Big.

HI from the blog owner with the new hair! :) I decided to be totally radical and have my hair ombre-d brown ash blond.

Happy 2012!

Yeah, I know. I’m a week late. I’ve been too busy bumming about, minding my own business, getting fatter, window shopping, filling up on Chatime and catching up with beloveds.

To be completely honest, I was quite blah about this new year’s. Didn’t even look out the window to see the fireworks. I’m getting old and boring way too fast.

Anyway, it’s great to see all the familiar faces once again :) I still don’t miss my mother’s nagging and doubt I ever will. It’s good to know even when I’m almost 21, she still orders me to drink more water. (Such a chinese thing, as if water can cure all ailments) My brother’s back too which is really nice. When we have our lazy days I always have a companion now.

Woe of the unattached. Hum.

I’m sounding miserable. OKAY so 2012! As with all new years, resolution making comes up and… to be honest, I’ve never really held to them. So rather than making a resolution list, I’m going to write my sorta wish list of 2012!


Stephanie’s sorta wish list of 2012

12. Watch a kick ass band at Madison Square Garden!

11. Walk through Central Park’s Conservatory Garden!

10. Celine micro luggage!

9. Catch WongFu / Kevjumba / Ryan Higa / Victor Kim cause it honestly can’t be that hard!

8. Drive the Sepang circuit! (I’ve just gotten the green light to take my dad’s merc and drive it around sepang when mercedes has their workshops. AWESOME)

7. Visit the Audi Headquarters at Ingolstadt Germany!!!!!

6. AUTOBAHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (flat road, no speed limit, lets do it!)

5. Summer trip to London?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!! (I totally want to go somewhere before I start fashion school! obviously visiting friends would be awesome!)

4. Visit Manon during the summer in PARIS FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Salut everybody!

3. GET ALL A’s FOR MY FINAL FOUNDATION TERM! I missed it on my first term by 2 B pluses. Goddamn.


Sorry for the extremely loony outburst. I drank this weird yet tasty Korean milk alcohol thing for dinner.

Last but not least….

1. BEING 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, a lot of things and if I’m being completely honest, I haven’t laid much down in stone yet. Hopefully things will work out soon enough!

Also can’t wait to get back to sweet New york!



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