Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I had to endure a long full train to 86th street for the Met but at least i came home with honest goodness chocolate from Dean & Deluca.Finally too, considering how long I’ve talked about going to that place. I also wanted to try their ready to eat food -especially this beautiful light brown fat crab cake- but at $10.50 a pop…. maybe not. Lol. Maybe when I think I deserve it.

The place is an absolute food heaven. Everything looks so good, you just want to eat everything. This is only one small part of what they have on display. They sell everything from cheese, bread, vegetables and quirky drinks!

Anyway, I know I realize I haven’t written much for 2 weeks! I’ve been so busy dealing with school and no Manon and a new roommate who is friendly but is just messy and apparently like ‘ghetto’ people and listens to rap all the time. I don’t hate rap but even actual black people i know don’t listen to that much spurred words.

I’m on a short fuse with songs. I don’t mind people listening to mainstream music but once it goes into something like country or rap 24/7, um no. Please.

Speaking of music though, heard about this guy Gotye (go-tee-yay) while watching a past episode of Jimmy Kimmel. This song wasn’t my favorite from the start but after hearing it a few times, I am deeply in love with it.

The best part is the chorus. Take a listen! :)


:) Cant wait for the Barney sale this thursday :)



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