A Perfect Day.

   After finding out Medha has family in Seremban and that she LOVES roti canai, we decided to visit Nyonya.

(Amazingly i don’t have a big craving for msian food but i did have one after hearing her describe roti canai)

Nyonya- 199, Grand Street


Simply put…. it was perfect.


Roti canai (which they put under appetizer wtf), Char kuey teow,mee siam, soya bean milk and thai tea :) Everything tasted legit. Sure it was huge and it cost 7 dollars but it was ah, a nice departure from western food.

After (even though i was stuffed trying to finish my serving), she took me to Sugar Sweet Sunshine.


Tbh I found Magnolia’s cupcakes to be better than theirs (esp the cream, more flavorful) but what SSS had that nobody else did was PUDDING.



Pudding servings go in cups – the large one resembles an ice cream tub which is awesome if you wanna keep it for those sad stressy days! The 2 pictures above are the huge bowl they serve out from. Each are $30.

Strawberry lemon trifle was magnificent! Def going to buy a tub next time!


Finished all the walking at about 4 to a fuller fatter happier me. 



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