Cempaka in New York

I just had an extremely surreal night.

It all started with meeting Jane and Zhao ala seladang at the Commission of Msia in NYC.

Rosmah was there in a striking orange kebaya that fueled me to think of over ripe oranges.

Ate some msian food- though not as great as nyonya- and had a good time watching a good looking waiter serve people.

Left, visited Jane and Zhao’s rented apartment, caught up on life, enjoyed a brief blessing of sun.

Got a text that Datin Freida (founder of Sri cempaka for those who don’t know) would like to meet us. She’s staying at Trump International Hotel. We went there, met Farid and Dr. Azimah who works in nyc and after a failed initial plan to go to Gotham Bar and Grill (one michelin star place people!) which induced in me major food excitement, she decided to eat at Nobu.

All I can say is that I’ve heard a lot about Nobu being snazzy and hip and… it is. It’s a huge 2 floor restaurant with dim ambience lighting and wicker accents. We ate salmon, new style salmon, sushi rolls, miso soup and last but not least (also my favorite of the entire meal) dessert. I chose Milk Chocolate Yuzu Cake that reminded everyone of Lynas radioactivity but ended up tasting too good.

Of course, Lynas will not taste as nice. Just saying.

We talked about a lot of things. Mostly heard about Cempaka and how it’s changed. It’s pretty amazing how things move so fast. I do commend her for trying to bring a new kind of thinking to the school cause admittedly, i realize that what i’ve been saying has been so backward.

Here I am talking about how great studying in the US is, with all their challenging critiques and different ways of thinking and she’s trying to do something like that, albeit leaving all the things we learnt in school a little behind. Then I diss it. I admit, perhaps I was wrong. Maybe that’s what kids need nowadays? New kind of curriculum and not the typical asian study-test cycle.

Aih, i don’t know. I know I’m going in circles but i have a different perspective of cempaka and her now. Of course I was also pretty hung up on being treated to Nobu.

Any donations of food are welcomed with open arms. :)

So…. now Jane’s living with me in my dorm, we’re trying to deal w the small bed and… it’s going to be a fun week.


Adios amigos.


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