This is a joke.

Well, actually, not really.

Thanks to the ever growing amount of work i get from parsons, i’ve neglected my blog and what would you know, it’s suddenly infected. I swear this is beyond fucking annoying to me.

Meanwhile I try to novicely do something about it – or maybe nothing at all cause the name applesauced is pissing me off after all this – i will be posting here.

It’s oct 15, 2.15am.

I shouldnt be awake but i am.

I just want to recollect my thoughts. It’s easy to lose yourself when you’re so busy. Sometimes, I stop and stare off into space.

That’s how bad the workload can be.


I came back to my blog to clean it and post up a long ass rant but i guess that’s fucking over.


I’m just really angry with this blog thing.


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